Your initial session is a chance for you to get an understanding of what a counselling session is like, and we will also help you explore what might be bringing you to counselling and what you are looking for from your sessions. The practitioner offering the initial session will discuss with you your availability and if you have any preferences in regards to the counsellor whom you wish to work with before  allocating you a counsellor and an appointment time. You will be asked to complete a form providing us with some personal details (e.g. name, address, date of birth) and details of an emergency contact. All details taken are kept completely confidential. At the end of the initial session you will also be given a therapeutic agreement for you to read, sign and bring along to your first session with the counsellor that you have been allocated to work with.  Electronic copies of both our client details form and therapeutic agreement form can be accessed below

West End Community Counselling Therapeutic Agreement

West End Community Counselling Client Information